a theory of civic discourse

Micheal Jordan:The Life is an average biographical work of a sports icon whose career was larger than the game of basketball, and any other sports figure in the history of sports. Roland Lazenby’s account of our beloved MJ fails to deliver anything new or exciting, and the book comes off as just another familiar sports column. How did all this impact his wife and family? Also, Lazenby writes that MJ was a proud father, but fails to give any documentation to his Airness’s fatherhood experiences; how his legend impacted his boy’s (Marcus and Jeffrey) basketball careers, and how his failures affected all his children’s (3 total, at the time) childhood experiences.

The relationship with Likud and its ideological partners is so strong that on his return, rather than desisting from ideological approaches (which is now more critical than ever), he decided to lecture the European Union from the pages of the National Post. If Mr. Baird were truly interested in substantive action, he would have taken this opportunity to speak directly to the EU and the players in the Middle East..

Dans cette perspective, l’approche des systèmes multi agents (SMA) qui s’intéresse aux interactions d’un ensemble d’entités autonomes, appelées agents, ayant un comportement collectif qui permet d’atteindre une fonction désirée dans un environnement donné, nous semble très pertinente et prometteuse pour appréhender notre problématique. En effet, l’approche des systèmes multi agents est appropriée pour le développement des systèmes manufacturiers distribués (Jennings et al. 1995; Jennings et Wooldridge 1998).

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