la tunisie doit se réveiller

Cette décision n’autorise toutefois pas le transfert illimité de bénéfices vers des sociétés déficitaires pour éluder ainsi l’impôt. Ceux qui seraient tentés de désigner une société déficitaire pour réduire la pression fiscale via l’attribution de tantièmes seraient bien avisés de faire preuve de quelque retenue. On parle en effet de l’attribution de tantièmes à des administrateurs qui, par leurs prestations, ont contribué au résultat de l’exercice en question.

During the First World War the Ottomans called for a jihad against the British. In response, Lawrence promised the Emir of Mecca, leader of the 1916 anti-Ottoman Arab revolt, support for a pan-Arab empire after the war if he launched a counter jihad against the Turks. It was this ability to « walk into the crowd » and harness Arab nationalism that marked him out as a first rate colonial soldier, according to leading British Arabist and former MI6 officer Sir Mark Allen..

The conference was also aimed at representatives of Russian and foreign investment funds. More than 60 executives from both local and foreign companies participated in the conference. Panel discussions and presentations from speaker were followed by Q sessions on the topics covered in the speeches..

1:12). « Eycha how, how come? » also shows in the Song 1:7 (« eykana » in Song 5:3; Esther 8:6). This refers to the main quest after the meaning of life in good as in evil.. The interior contains some interesting stained glass windows