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je comprends. C’est un peu pareil pour nous. Mais j’ai lu un livre sur le deuil écrit par une maman endeuillée et mon mari le lit aussi ; ça aide à comprendre les réactions de l’autre et ça aide à établir la communication : Parents en Deuil, Harriet Sarnoff SchiffTu peux aussi avoir un suivi psy.

Influenza A viruses are classified into subtypes on the basis of two surface proteins: hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). Three subtypes of hemagglutinin (H1, H2 and H3) and two subtypes of neuraminidase (N1 and N2) are recognized among influenza A viruses that have caused widespread human disease. Since 1977 the human H3N2 and human H1N1 influenza A subtypes have contributed to influenza illness to varying degrees each year.

1.12. The present Programme of Action recommends to the international community a set of important population and development objectives, as well as qualitative and quantitative goals that are mutually supportive and of critical importance to these objectives. Among these objectives and goals are: sustained economic growth in the context of sustainable development; education, especially for girls; gender equity and equality; infant, child and maternal mortality reduction; and the provision of universal access to reproductive health services, including family planning and sexual health..

I am currently working in Jordan as a member of the Druze Marsh Archaeological and Palaecological Project (DMAPP). For my PhD research I am reconstructing the environmental and landscape change over the past 350,000 years in the former Druze marsh in order to identify their role in creating the observed distribution of artifacts on the contemporary landscape. My research attempts to identify the components of the spatial distribution of the Pleistocene archaeological record that are due primarily to hominin behaviour by first identifying those that are the result of geomorphic history.

There was a shake up among the world’s 10 largest retailers last fiscal year, mostly as a result of a series of divestments. As a group, the top 10 grew more slowly than the top 250 the past fiscal year with retail revenue growth of 4.2 percent versus the 4.9 percent growth in the previous fiscal year. While Wal Mart increased its lead, Carrefour formerly the world’s second largest retailer fell to fourth place following back to back years of declining sales primarily attributable to the spinoff of the Dia hard discount chain in July 2011.