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He’s a good person first and foremost and is doing a good job as a coach too. He’s relatively young as a full time Serie A coach but I have no doubt he’ll do well if he carries on in this way. It not easy to coach and manage football clubs, let alone a great club like Milan, so I have a lot of respect for him for taking up the challenge and he is giving it everything he has..

Syrian rebel fighters are pictured next to a burnt army tank in the northern town of Atareb, 25 kms east of Syria’s second largest city Aleppo, on July 31, 2012. While fighting raged in Syria’s commercial capital Aleppo for a fourth straight day, clashes between the Syrian army and rebels also erupted in Damascus and other parts of the country, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD GHARABLIActualiser le live.

Myosin regulation and assembly. In Biochemistry of Smooth Muscle Contraction (ed. M. A guided sample problem demonstrates step by step use of each skill, including techniques students can use to check their own work. Each skill section includes about two dozen practice problems, providing a valuable tool for teachers assessment needs. Each book covers fundamental skills and concepts that students often have difficulty mastering, including: Looking for patterns; Working backwards; Making organized lists; Multiple step problem solving; Making tables and graphs; Using logical thinking strategies; and Writing formulas and equations..

Même les uvres les plus vindicatives du compositeur Mingus s’offrent ici une relecture solennelle et majestueuse, qui contraste avec le côté atelier permanent des formations drivées habituellement par ce personnage « bigger than life ». Foisonnante, constamment chahutée par le drumming de Dannie Richmond, la prestation du sextet se construit au fil d’embardées collectives furieusement libres. Le plaisir, l’humour de ces grands musiciens, en plein cur de ces années bouillantes (mouvement pour les droits civiques, free jazz), jaillissent à chaque recoin de cet enregistrement, jusqu’à la délicieuse Jitterbug Waltz (Fats Waller) finale..

Zaatari discovered the photographs of Madani (whom he believes was the first to own a 35 mm camera in Saida, the artist birthplace) in the course of research for his 1999 AIFcuratorial project called The Vehicle: Picturing Moments of Transition in a Modernising Society. Madani captured the daily lives of those who could afford to come to his studio and of those he photographed standing or sitting in the streets in the late 1940s and 1950s. Many images in the Madani project thus seem to speak of the photographer role in capturing and cataloguing daily life of people in the south.