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Jordan borrows and builds on several notions from Sedgwick’s « Epistemology of the Closet. » I found the chapter on the ‘Liturgy Queen’ and Clerical Drag quite amusing. For a book focusing on ‘catholic’ issues with homosexuality, the last chapter offers the most promise by describing the possibilities of living as a lesbigay Catholic. Overall I’d give the book between 3 and 4 stars (3 and a half, if there was the option).

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la course fut arrêtée alors qu’il lui restait un arrêt, mais pas les autres. Et il était premier. Il y a eu la saison 1997 où il a fait très mal paraître Ralf Schumacher. With regards to Jerusalem, all things being considered, the traditional position of the Patriarchate of Moscow is to respect and thus to comply with the decisions taken by official Orthodox synods. This is why Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem and the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem would hardly be denied and there would be no « coup » to remove the « governing team ». On the other hand, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem will have to recognize that the Church came to a turn some twenty years ago with the « perestroika/o ».

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While the narratives, images, and discourses that have shaped the American HIV/AIDS epidemic circulate in the images and narratives that chronicle the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa, a very few of which I’ve touched on here, the question of ‘AIDS in Africa’ is ever-present in North America. This was evident when the first question following Finkelstein’s public lecture was an enquiry about what was to be done about the epidemic in ‘Africa’. Finkelstein’s diplomatic response suggested, more than anything, the number of times he had been asked to address this topic.