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Login Error The email address/password you submitted is wrong or could not be found. Please try again. The email address/password you submitted is wrong or could not be found. In the months leading up to First Papers of Surrealism Cornell was particularly involved with work for the special Fantastica issue of the American surrealist affiliated magazine View, which co existed alongside the surrealist organ VVV.23 As well as producing an elaborate collage for the cover, Cornell produced a seven page dossier titled Crystal Cage (Portrait of Berenice) that was inserted in the magazine and which represents a series of visual and textual musings around an imaginary Victorian child figure who encapsulates a range of Cornell associations around the idea of childhood, taking in imagery relating to America, Europe and the Middle East.24 ( Crystal Cage was also the title of a loose collection of images by Cornell that was stored in a suitcase similar in style to Duchamp bo and eventually exhibited in 1946.) Other elements of the Fantastica edition also suggest that Cornell had a hand in the editorial process. A double page spread is designated as a Page taking its lead from puzzle pages in popular children books and magazines of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As well as incorporating a strange collage by Cornell of a child doll seemingly covered by litter, the page contains poetic and photographic contributions by the likes of Don Organ and Bern Porter, as well as riddles and vignettes from children book engravings reflective of Cornell taste.25 All in all, this edition of View gives the impression that Cornell was looking to take stock of a variety of cultural responses to childhood, both by himself and others.

Comment ne pas voir en effet cette frange de sa filmographie dont les racines remontent à La Couleur pourpre (1985) et dont la base est La Liste de Schindler (1993), comme celle qui a le plus démontré sa tendance à verser dans le sentimentalisme moisi et la guimauve hollywoodienne. Ces larmes versées, payées au prix du regard de l’enfant, lui ont permis d’afficher une pseudo maturité qui n’est en fait qu’un regard au mieux inintéressant sur le monde, au pire rance. Sommet de cette tendance, Le Terminal, pamphlet bêta sur le rêve américain qui transcende les frontières de son état sans même pouvoir généreusement les briser.