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Es por esta razón afirma un buen colega nuestro, que « Quizá sea correcto afirmar que el progresismo es lo que queda del marxismo después de su fracaso histórico como opción política, económica y social y su transitoria (¿o definitiva?) resignación al triunfo del capitalismo. Una suerte de retorno, saltando hacia atrás por encima del bolcheviquismo, al reformismo de la socialdemocracia » [1]. El progresismo ha adoptado como lema « no ser antiguo y estar siempre a la vanguardia ».

Purely by chance, Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche are on duty when the Keeper foretells the rebirth of the Dragon, the world’s only hope of winning the fight against the Dark One. Written with all the skill that has made Jordan one of the grand masters of fantasy, it’s accessible enough for new readers, while the inside information is sure to captivate longtime fans. Far from the coldly self possessed Aes Sedai who arrives in Emond’s Field in The Eye of the World, the first Wheel book, Moiraine is a fun loving, prank playing and na Accepted, one who slowly grows into a determined and resourceful character.

Binaural systems work in coordination with the auditory perceptions of both ears because the brain’s hearing center needs this information in order to generate authentic stereophonic sound. Working with specialists from Hrzentrum Oldenburg, an audiology center west of Hamburg, Germany, Siemens is learning how different sounds, tones, and voices coming from different directions are perceived. Differences in time and sound intensity have a big impact on such perceptions, as they allow the brain to precisely localize voices and sounds and filter out other signals.

De La France noire, retraçant trois siècles d des Noirs en France, à Zoos humains et exhibitions coloniales, 150 ans d de l les travaux pilotés par Pascal Blanchard mettent l postcoloniale, longtemps minorée, au coeur de la recherche française. En déconstruisant nos stéréotypes culturels et en « décolonisant nos imaginaires », ce nouveau courant déploie enfin les fondements de la critique postcoloniale théorisée par Edward Saïd. Une nouvelle génération d français se situe aussi dans l de l Jack Goody pour, comme s essaie Romain Bertrand dans L à parts égales, « rendre l au reste du monde et refonder une « histoire symétrique » entre l et l Une nouvelle histoire, transnationale, globale et « connectée » se construit ici..

That’s why the European Union’s DG GROW has launched the WATIFY campaign, conducted by Deloitte in partnership with DigitalEurope and EBN. The aim of the campaign is to calm the doubts that, according to a recent study, are preventing 46.7% of the EU’s adult population from creating their own business. The whole issue is summed up in the slogan « Doubt is Good »..