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Others have focused on individual major heat episodes, in which an exceptional increase in mortality was observed concomitantly with an exceptional heat wave. [1,6,9,11,12,19,25,28,35,38,39,40,42,48] Studies of the 2003 heat waves in Western Europe have been conducted for Portugal,[36] Spain,[45] Italy,[8] England and Wales,[24] the Netherlands,[13] and Switzerland.[15] The probable increase in the frequency of such events in the 21st century has been stressed, as have the time and place dependence of the main characteristics of that mortality. [17,18].

« Con la solucin Tecnomatix, hemos tenido éxito al introducir un sistema de planeacin completamente integrado en nuestra compaa, » coment Roland Weisser, gerente de planta de ebm papst St. Georgen GmbH Co. KG. At 16, he went to David Beckham Academy and broke onto his first team. Three months later, he signed with Charlton Athletic on a scholarship. When Ben was 18 he had just signed his first major contract with Chesham FC when he found out that his 17 year old girlfriend was pregnant.

Born in the Ukrainian city of Dniepropetrovsk, Tatiana Volosozhar represented her native country in partnership with Stanislav Morozov up to the age of 23. St Petersburg born Maxim Trankov, had enjoyed considerable success with Maria Mukhortova, with the pair winning the junior world title in 2005, finishing runners up at the 2008 European Championships and then seventh at the Vancouver Games. Trankov had expressed an interest in skating with Volosozhar several years earlier.

On August 30th Bahraini woman human rights defender Maryam al-Khawaja was arbitrarily detained upon her arrival at Bahrain International Airport. Maryam, who is the co-director of the Gulf Centre for Human Rights, was traveling to Bahrain to visit her father, Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, who is currently on a hunger strike in Jaw Prison protesting his arbitrary detention. We are deeply concerned about Maryam’s safety in custody as well as the safety of scores of civil society activists unjustly languishing in Bahrain’s prisons..

Situation: Une entreprise familiale, avec trois administrateurs. L’un d’eux pense que le chiffre d’affaires élevé qui a été réalisé s’explique par le dur labeur qu’il a fourni et qu’il a droit à une indemnité ‘substantielle’. Une convention de gestion est conclue entre l’entreprise familiale et la société de gestion de l’administrateur, avec une indemnité importante de 15.000,00 euros par mois (manifestement excessive en comparaison avec les résultats de l’entreprise)..