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The figures show both increases and decreases across the various industry sectors. The construction, retail, hospitality and motor industries have all seen a decrease so far in 2014 when compared to the same period in 2013 while the IT and transport sectors have seen increases in corporate insolvencies.With regards to the types of insolvencies there is a reduction in creditors’ voluntary liquidations 11% (703 to 624) and receiverships 6% (261 to 244), with increases in both court liquidations 23% (47 to 58) and a marginal increase in examinerships of 14% (14 to 16).Corporate receiverships have dropped 6% from 261 Jan to Sept 2013 to 244 during the same period in 2014; however these numbers do not include rent receiverships. The Department of Finance has begun to publish figures related to this type of receivership the most recent report, published this month, noted that the six main lenders (AIB, BOI, PTSB, ACC, KBC Ulster Bank) reported that they had 4,691 rent receivers in place at the end of August 2014.

If a person fears that they or another may be at risk of an ‘honour killing’ then they should contact the police – it is a criminal offence to commit preparatory acts to murder, including attempt, incitement and conspiracy. Similarly, it is offence to threaten or actually use violence against a person, including in the context of committing other ‘honour crimes’ such as threatened/actual forced marriage, assault etc. Whilst the MPS is engaging in a information gathering exercises regarding ‘honour killings’ there is still a way to go in terms of responding appropriately and effectively to potential victims of ‘honour killings’, including understanding that ‘honour ‘ also operates as a factor which can trap women in abusive relationships, making it all the more difficult to come forward in the first place..

It went on the stack of ‘next time you’re looking for something interesting to read’ and had to wait for me to finish a few books of poetry, as well as Ted Kooser’s Poetry Home Repair Manual. I felt some sort of irrational loyalty to the new Poet Laureate. But Kooser is good; very good.

Cette peinture sèche très vite, et permet donc de travailler rapidement. Ses couleurs sont denses, vives et lumineuses. Comme il s’agit d’un matériau synthétique qui ressemble à du plastique en séchant, on peut revenir sur son travail quasiment autant de fois qu’on le souhaite, et faire autant de repentirs que l’on veut..