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The issues relating to HIV infection are not confined to one country – or indeed continent – just as the concerns surrounding HIV disclosure and criminalization are not confined to those of one community. The imperative to disclose one’s HIV status takes place in a space that is often defined by its intimacy, as Hayes and Arsenault point out, but also often by its power structures and the associated tenets of gendered identity that are informed by those structures in different locations, as Steinberg and McGregor make clear. The issue of HIV disclosure affects the choice to have sex and threatens to criminalize and re-stigmatize HIV-positive individuals; it also complicates the imperative to produce children in a context in which ARVs are not readily available, and can endanger those who insist on condom use within the context of a marriage of unequal agencies.

Saddam and Assad) who have shown that they could keep these spaces together. This may change if ISIS and others continue to spread. By signing up for airstrikes, we have effectively thrown in with at least some of those seeking to re make the region along Westphalian lines.

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Transmission patterns remain similar to those observed in previous MERS coV nosocomial outbreaks in the Middle East. The majority of these cases have epidemiologic links to the facilities emergency department, MERS coV patients admitted to the facility, or with shared health care worker. Despite an established triage system in the hospital, a WHO mission to KSA conducted on August 23, 2015 identified overcrowded conditions in the emergency room as a key contributing factor to this outbreak..

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