31 july 2011 unfpa in the news

And there’s just enough humor to dispel the bleak, gritty nature of the narrative. Being from Ireland, he has really captured the time (early 2000s) very well. It’s an interesting start to (what I hope is) a series, and I’ll be looking out for the next one..

FTTC (fiber to the cabinet), the most commonly deployed upgrade to ADSL, is forecast to be in about 175 million homes (a quarter of all broadband homes) as at the start of 2015. FTTC extends a fiber connection to a street side cabinet; thereafter the connection is via the existing copper wire. FTTC is typically advertised at 30 40 Mbit/s downstream, with 70 Mbit/s and faster services also available for an additional fee.

The study was aimed at the precise determination of proteome alterations in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, a markedly heterogeneous tumor. This cancer, which is difficult to diagnose and carries a very poor prognostic, has shown an unexplained increase in incidence over the last few years. Among a pool of 574 identified proteins, we were able to report on altered abundance patterns affecting 39 proteins conforming to a variety of potential tumorigenic pathways.

Finally, as previously mentioned, this random field theory is applied to real data obtained from a series of triaxial tests with 2, 4 and 6% crude oil, heating oil and gasoline contaminated soil. 1981. The Geometry of Random Fields. The simple truth is, reading books about mysticism is fun, and you don’t need to totally believe everything in the book to learn something and be entertained. If you don’t know what the third eye is, it is what you see on an Indian or East Asian when they have a red dot on the middle of their forehead. This is a symbol of a third eye, and it helps connect spiritual things to the physical world.

deuxième miracle, retard de règles, et hier j’ai fait un test, il est positif. c’est prévu pour Juillet 07. mon gygy n’en revient pas ! Alors courage mais une chose est sûre: c’est au moment où j’y ai pensé le moins que ça a fonctionné, malgré tous les constats désastreux des médecins, c’est Dieu sui donne la vie et Il sait à qui.

J’ai un serveur en debian, un autre en ubuntu server. Le système de paquet du serveur ubuntu a completement explosé en vol lors d’une mise à jour, et depuis c’est la galère. Et puis vu la qualité relative de leur distro annexes à la ubuntu desktop, je n’ai pas l’intention de renouveler ma confiance en ubuntu sur les serveurs.