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Pour reprendre une phrase c des Guignols : p. 3 ans avant de voir la fin de ce monument de l’h qu’est la Roue du Temps. La mort de M. Now it is different. Confidence has grown, and I think everyone confidence in me has grown. There is a good feeling around the team at the moment..

Analyzed and interpreted results, and recommended strategic next steps Appointed as instructor at College in charge of teaching the research module Directed all communication activities related to Bank Audi expansion in the MENA region (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Lebanon) and to the launch of their retail products Built the strategic approach to communicate the merger between Bank Audi and Banque Saradar, as well as of the retail, private and investment bank entities included in the Audi Saradar group Adapted Johnnie Walker global walking platform to the MENA region. Handled the development and execution of several full fledged advertising campaigns (TV, press, outdoor, digital) under the walking theme Initiated topical campaigns for Bank Audi and Johnnie Walker during 2006 war, executed and released both in 48 hours, which led to huge brand and agency exposure in international publications such as Herald Tribune and The New York Times Supervised the development and execution of more than 100 campaigns, from briefing to production Participated actively in the write up of Diageo GAME plan using Diageo marketing proprietary tools Developed full fledged marketing plan for Chateau Ksara (Lebanon leading wine brand). Plan took into account all elements of the marketing mix and included market analysis, product and pricing recommendations, trade strategy, in addition to communication and promotional activitiesManagement and Finance Headed a client servicing cell of seven people locally and in the MENA region, training and supervising each in respect to clients individual needs and guidelines Exceeded annual financial objectives by 12% in 2007 (vs 2006) despite poor economic environment.

Plus lids, plus a spoon, plus the tray it’s served on, that’s 17 pieces. Plus the chopsticks.I took the hotel bus to the station, and hopped on my train to Kyoto. The train was fast but very quiet too. Les Clippers vont participer aux play offs pour la quatrième saison consécutive, un record dans l’histoire de la franchise qui a longtemps traîné la réputation d’équipe de perdants. Ainsi, entre 1998 et 2012, les Clippers, rachetés l’été dernier par le milliardaire Steve Ballmer, n’avaient participé qu’à une seule phase finale. L’objectif des Clippers n’est plus les play offs, mais le titre NBA : On vise plus haut que les play offs, je ne veux pas paraître blasé, mais on joue pour autre chose, a insisté Chris Paul, auteur de 25 points à Philadelphie (119 98)..